About Us


Old Maid


My name is July and I'm the young creator of Old Maid Cosmetika.

I’m a Pastry Chef now creating Soap Art in Auckland, New Zealand. I believe that is possible creating something extraordinary out of something that is ordinary like soap. Innovation is not only High-Tech, Innovation can also be applied in any field like soap making. I studied Pastry and I got a Graduate Diploma in International Business Innovation, I always considered myself as an artist and an entrepreneur, so I decided to combine all of these skills to create bloody Awesome Soaps. 

The beginnings were not easy at all, it took me a lot of time to obtain one decent soap... it was really frustrating! During my learning process, I could develop my own techniques with a unique recognition value.The results are now speaking for themselves. I'm very happy for what I have created, I think my soaps are pretty damn good.

I hope you love them as well because you are not just buying a nice soap, you are bringing home something that was handmade with an insane passion, with a positive energy, with honesty and respect for you, myself, the environment and the community. You are bringing home good vibes, love, harmony, a little bit of magic, and a piece of Art named Soap!