About Us


My name is July and I'm the young creator of Old Maid Cosmetika. I have spent quite a lot of time trying to write a decent "about us" (or about me), but it has been kind of difficult, I simply had not found the right words, or maybe I was scared about how my words could sound for you. But here we go...

Old Maid Cosmetika 

I’m a room attendant by day and a soap artist by night, trying to make my world a better world to sharing it with all of you. I started Old Maid Cosmetika with $1000 in my small flat in Auckland, I just found soaps incredibly interesting and exciting, with endless opportunities of creating something extraordinary out of something that is ordinary like soap. I studied pastry and always considered myself as an artist and an entrepreneur, so I decided to combine all of these skills to create small pieces of art named soap, using my own techniques with a unique recognition value. I want to bring art and a story to people’s homes.

I came to New Zealand three years ago for studying English, and since the first day New Zealand becomes home; I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the support, love, and respect that I have received from this big little country. I feel really blessed. Of course, like everything in life my experience has had its ups and downs, my beginnings were not easy, I found very difficult to find a job, I struggled to understand people’s accents, and as an introvert person, I couldn’t express myself very well making people didn’t take me seriously, or ignored me thinking I wasn’t smart enough or good enough or saying: “you are too closed” only because I’m quite. But my will of achieving my dreams and creating something meaningful has been stronger than all idiots doubting me or bullying me because of my age (37) my status (single) and my nationality (Colombian).  I want to show you that if someone like me, a humble immigrant, without the language, without contacts, and without money is following her vision and working bloody hard to make her dreams come true, then... you can do it as well. No excuses!

I want to finish this with a quote of Alan Watts: It's better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.

That’s it… nothing else!